Reasons For Objection



The field adjoining Brownswood is part of the Millennium Wood tree planting scheme which was planted in the year 2000 with 27,600 new trees. Set out with pathways and viewing areas for people to enjoy the extensive views over Bedfordshire from this, the second highest point in the landscape of Bedford Borough at the top of Oakley hill, Milton Road, Clapham

Local independent Councillor Pat Olney was instrumental in organising the tree planting and the trees were paid for by the Forestry Commission.

The original Brownswood is ancient woodland full of mature trees and protected woodland flowers etc all included in the rich variety of flora and fauna in this beautiful area, and with the adjoining grassland there is a rich variety of wildlife including hawks, skylarks, butterflies and bats.

The Millennium Wood was planted in the field at the back of Brownswood, and in the field to the side and along with the large open space of grassland it creates a marvellous resource for future generations.

This area is continually being used by large numbers of local residents as a leisure facility with families and children enjoying woodland walks, picnicking, and games. Over the years the nature reserve has also been used by many schools as an educational resource to teach pupils about nature and ecology. Various youth organisations (scouts, cadets, etc) also regularly use this resource.

This area is owned by Bedford Borough Council and unbelievably they have selected it as a possible location for a permanent large Gypsy Site.

Historically gypsies have never camped in this area, and this point is elaborated upon later in this web site.